Tribal gladiatrix


Human CR 2
XP 600
Any Medium Humanoid
Monk level 2 (skill points 12) Scout
(Hamatulatsu Master )
Barbarian level 2 (skill points 12) Scout
Init 2; Senses ; Perception +9
AC 16, Touch 16, flat footed 13 ( No Armour, Shield, none)
2 Dex, 3 Monk, +1 feats)
hp 31 (0d8
Fort 7, Ref +5, Will +6
Speed 40
Single Attack Unarmed strike +6 (1d6
Full Attack
2 Unarmed strike 5 (1d62)
or Flurry of blows 5/5 1d62
Space 5ft.; Reach 5
Special Attacks
Flurry of Blows Extra attack(s) at modifier of
Rage (Ex) +4 Con +4 Str +2 Will save -2 AC. Per day = Con mod + 6
Rage Power Last as long as raging. Number = 1
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 8
Base Attack 3 CMB 5 ;(grapple 7) ;CMD 23
Archon Style (Combat, Style): While using this style, as a standard action, you can actively protect adjacent allies from a single opponent that you are currently adjacent to. This grants any adjacent allies a +2 dodge bonus to AC against that opponents next melee attack (as long as that attack comes before the beginning of your next turn), but causes you to take a -2 penalty to AC against that opponent until your next turn. The dodge bonus persists even if your allies move away from you, but still only applies against attacks made by the opponent that you designated upon first using this ability.,
Halatulatsu style

No Escape: Can move double movement to pursue a withdraw as immediate action,
Armour Prof Light,
Armour Prof Medium,
Dodge: Add 1 to AC ,
Evasion: No damage on reflex save,
Improved Grapple: +2 bonus on grapple checks,
Improved Unarmed Strike: Considered armed even when unarmed,
Martial Weap Prof,
Shield Proficiency: Can use shields,
Simple Weapon Proficiency,
Stunning Fist: Stun an opponent with unarmed strike. Fort DC 10 +1/2 level + WIS bonus,
Two-Weapon Fighting: Get extra attack at -2 to all attacks,
Weapon Focus: +1 to attack rolls
Skills Acrobatics 9, Climb 8, Escape Artist 6, Handle Animal 6, Intimidate -1, Know History 1, Know Nature 6, Know Religion 5, Perception 9, Ride 2, Sense Motive 3, Stealth 8, Survival 9, Swim 2
Languages Common
Environment Any
Organization Company 10-20, Band 30-100, Squad 4-8
Treasure Standard
Evasion Reflex save no damage instead of 1/2 1
Fast Movement Land Movement raised by 10
Ki Pool (Su) Hamatulatsu Master By spending 1 point from her ki pool as a swift action, a hamatulatsu master can make one additional attack at her highest attack bonus when making a flurry of blows attack. Alternatively, she can spend 1 ki point as a swift action to gain one additional use of her stunning fist ability that round, though this does not grant her an additional attack. Finally, as an immediate action, a hamatulatsu master can spend 1 ki point to make a single melee attack with a +2 bonus against a creature that has damaged her with a natural melee attack, unarmed strike, or weapon without the reach property.

This ability otherwise functions as normal for a monk of her level.
Uncanny Dodge Retains Dex bonus if flat footed 1
MAGIC ITEMS (max value 780)

Total Value =


Barbarian goes titem warior, fiend totem
Monk uses hamatulatsu style (see the entry in wiki)


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