housing rules

Housing cost
I’ve made this system to calculate living costs

Where you live can be decently important, at least in relation to what district you live in.
1: The Slums: Goblins form most of the population, and you’re kept up all night by the human neighbors banging on swords or working with metal all night. That’s what you get for living in a construction zone.
2: The Depths: Quiet sewers, otyughs on your lawn….all manner of hazards await you.
3: Lower City: There are quite a lot of people around, and at night, the number hardly decreases.
4: Middle City: You live with most of the city’s middle class.
5: Upper City: If you look up, the sky is obscured by the Skyway, but all around there are well-dressed individuals and relatively friendly shopkeepers….if you have money.
6: Skyway: You look down on the city. Whether you’re sleeping in a high-class attic or have a home of your own, you live high above the riff-raff.

1: Worst
2: Bad
3: Slightly better
4: Middle
5: Upper
6: Best

1: Low security; thieves are a constant threat
2: There are guards, and they might help you, for a bit of garnish
3: Average security: the guards listen to you, sometimes
4: A few bribed guards, they know your name
5: Personal bodyguards, Bribed guards
6: You’ve never been robbed, and probably never will

1: A crate chair, some rags for a bed
2: A continual flame torch for light and an actual bed
3: A bed, a couch, a nice chair, and a rug
4: A couple beds, a mahogany couch, ottoman, copy of a painting
5: Wall to wall carpeting, canopy bed, original art
6: Opulence, unnecessary art objects, more couches than you need

Entertainment & The View:
This covers what you can see from a given window in your place of residence, if you even have a window, and what you might do if you’re bored and feel like going for a walk.
1: Low Class: There’s a brick wall out your window, and it’s a big day when you get to see an arrest. Typically your nightly entertainment involves throwing rocks at cats and spiretop dragons to see if they fight, or antagonizing an otyugh trapped in the sewer.
2: Lower Middle Class: You have a nice view of your neighbor’s roof, and you see a few plays a year form a spot your neighbors know of on the roof. The bard at the local inn knows you by sight.
3: Middle Class: You get in to see about two plays a year from the balcony, but not much closer. You have a marvelous view of your block from the window, and a skycoach might pass by every so often.
4: Upper Middle Class: You get to see a nice play ever year, and you’re a regular part of the city’s nightlife. You might belong to a dining club or get invited to a wine tasting every once in awhile.
5: High Class: You belong to an Upper City dining club, and you regularly go to the skyway for plays and entertainment.
6: Extreme High Class: You have a personal companion and escort, you belong to a skyway dining club, and you regularly attend glamorous operas.

The clothes you wear say a lot about you; this is what your closet regularly stocks. Expensive clothing can’t really be sold, after all, no one would be caught dead wearing a noble or royal’s outfit made for someone else.
1: Low Class: You have easy access to a peasant’s outfit at any time.
2: Lower Middle Class: A bit dirty and old, but you can get access to an artisan’s outfit or a traveler’s outfit, and some padded armor if you had to.
3: Middle Class: You have easy and quick access to a scholar’s outfit, entertainer’s outfit, and, if you wanted them, a monk’s outfit and cleric’s vestments. You could pick up a suit of leather armor if you were hard-pressed.
4: Upper Middle Class: A courtier’s outfit sit in your closet, and you could get your hands on some chainmail, but not without some trepidation.
5: High Class: You like to dress like people richer than you, and you can afford to. It’s easy for you to get hold of a noble’s outfit, and a royal outfit if you absolutely had to.
6: Extreme High Class: You have a new noble’s outfit every night, and everything that goes with it. Dusty platemail sits in your attic unused.

Total up your lifestyle points and compare them to the chart below.

Lifestyle Modifier: Rent Per Month/Purchase Price
6: 1/150
7-8: 2/300
9-10: 3/400
11-12: 4/500
13-14: 10/1500
15-16: 20/1700
17-20: 30/3000
21-23: 50/5000
24-26: 70/7000
27-29: 100/10000
30-33: 150/15000
34-35: 300/40000
36: 400/50000

housing rules

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