Grave-Knight ritual

Within the chieftain’s hut, in a place of honour and clearly visible upon entering, you will find a black wooden bock marked with silver symbol of Asmodeus.

Inside you will find a rolled piece of black parchment writen on in red ink.

The text details a ritual that would transform you into a virtually immortal warrior.

The details:

  • a long and uninterrupted ceremony taking 7 days from midnight to midnight
  • prayer and contemplation for Asmodeus
  • the sacrifice of 9 innocents in a unique fashion, using at least once of the four elements, your favourite weapon and your bare hands
  • at the end of the ritual on the stroke of midnight ritual sacrifice by burning, dedicating your life and soul to Asmodeus

If this ritual is performed in a correct manner, and Asmodeus deems this worthy, you will rise as a champion upon death

Grave-Knight ritual

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