Way of the Wicked

Calling forth Darkness
Book two

Next assignment.
Head to Farholde, make contact with an Asmodean noble, locate the Horn of Abadon, find a way to summon the daemonlord Vetra Kali, get his most virulant plague Tears of Achlys and bring that to cardinal Thorn for use in the kingdom.

Met baron Vandermir during small diner party.
Realized the baron is not just taking them on their word.
Made a deal: take care of angient ghost in the harbor and bring him the magical artifact the druid is buried with. Then he will assit.

Also met the marquis and arquise of Wellin. They are landowners. He’s 60 years her elder and she strutgles with that. They intend to convert her to Asmodeus.

Die some research on the ghost. He is of a barbaric tribe that still exists in the Caer Bryr. Maybe he is an ancient ancestor spirit they worship. Rumour says he occasionally summons monsters from the deep.

The lord of the fortress made a deal with Mitra. He pledged his life to the god and rode off the fight the bugbears. Mitra extends his protection to Farholde and sent an astral deava to do that.

The group took on an asignment to get the trust and support of baron Vandermir. They went to an island in the middle of the bay to rid it of an old haunt. Research hinted of an ancient undead druid who sporadically sends massive monsters to attack the city. They fought one of these monsters which was over ten meter tall and apparently a zombie. Afterwards they fought the ghostly druid who looked like a spider. They looted the tomb and took its contents to the baron for proof. They also destroyed what they believe is the magical artifact that held the ghost in this world.

Before they left in search for the Horn de marquise de Wellin was visited once more. She’s very impressionable.
They found the other Knot’s room and in it a mao detailing the Horn’s location.
When they were leaving they noticed the marquis’ house was flying mourning colours. They discovered the marquise had murdered the marquis.

On route they encountered a treant who’s guarding the vicinity of the Horn. They managed to convince him they’re there to cleanse the place.
They encountered a tribe of Boggards. They recruited these as minions by having the antipaladin duel the chieftain.
They found a book with Asmodean rituals to become Deathknight, lich and bloodknight.

The group continued the clearing of the caverns. They found some old traps, a pool with poisonous fish and a cave filled up with the bones of just about anything killed in the Horn during the invasion by the Victor. But most importantly they found the body of one of the defenders of the horn. On his body the discovered a magic item: one of the eyes of the statue of vetra-Kali. This can be used to scry on the sanctum. And they found his journal. He decribes the ritual performed to banish the daemonlord, andhow to break the spell.
Later they began clearing the Horn proper. They found it all but deserted. The first floor was destroyed but serviceable. They found an alchemical golem which can be repaired, a throne which can be used to teleport to 4 locations in and around the horn, and a secret staircase. They found out this leads from the caverns to the third floor, and is the only way to get to the sanctum.

They went there and fought two guardians: two greater ceustodaemons. They are bound to chains around their neck, and if defeated will return after a month.

Now they returned to clearing the rest of the place before starting the ritual.

Events thus far
adventure outline

Party was contacted by Theadora with help for escape and invitation to go to a mansion.
Meet with Cardinal Thorn
Three months of training.
Test in Thorn in dungeon with nine rooms.
Travel north to bring weapons to bugbear army under Fire-Axe. Arrive in october.
Cross to the other side of the lake to head to Balentyne.
They have one month to prepare for the bugbear army and open the gates.
Killed first of the captains, the mounted combat specialist Varning, with a patrol of 6 soldiers.
Found entrance to the keep through the hidden tunnel.
Murdered Kaitlin Mott and her lover captain Eddarly in their sleep and left evidence blaming the dwarves.
Franz Mott in his rage fell for it and killed Eisenbauch, getting himself convicted of dueling to the death and shipped off to Branderscar prison.
Intercepted the transport to Branderscar, killed 4 of the 5 guards disguised as dwarves. Also killed Franz Mott.
Made peaceful contact with a vampire and made a deal.
Found out the dwarves fell out of grace pending an investigation.
Murdered captain Barhold.
Rigged the curch to burn it during mass.
Church burned down killing around 500 including father Donnagin.
Snuck into Balentyne and killed 6 more troopers. And destroyed the rookery.
Went into Balentyne disguised as cleric of Mitra and his followers. Got to see the lantern archons.
They did some exploring of the castle.
Also spread some infamy among the citizens.
The slayer had his disguise seen through by lord Havelyn. They tried to kill him but had to run.
They decided to murder the lord in his chambers that night. However an alarm spell was trigered. They had to fight the lord, three guatds, mage Tacitus and his golem.
They were victorious but at a price. The slayer and the oracle died.
Both were returned to life by magic.

The fortress fell.

A new begining

I have recently decided to document my exploits in an effort to provide future generations the inspiration and guidance that they will need in order to achieve greatness. I know that might be seen as presumptuous of me, though I do have ample evidence that I will achieve greatness, the reasoning for this is that I find that there an insufficient amount of information on the great names of ages past.

Now the start of one of the major events in my early career was the fact that while accompanying my master on one of his expeditions in some remote island named Talingarde. Sadly the locals were not so keen on our academic interests and combined with the fact that my master in his arrogance failed to properly ward our presence meant that I was detained by some ignorant self proclaimed witch hunter named Balin of Karfeld.
While awaiting my execution, I took pleasure imagining the torture they had undoubtedly inflicted upon my master and if not, the torture I would inflict on him if our paths crossed again. It was there that I encountered my future compatriots. I will not bore you with their details as at this point I was not to familiar with them myself.

What was interesting is that one of them, Adrian who from his build and demeanor I assumed was some kind of warrior for the cult of Asmodeus, received a visit who gave us the means to attempt an escape in order to meet her master. Now normally I would easily have escaped with a few targeted sleep and charm spells but sadly my spell book was removed from possession so I offered my assistance to get some meat between myself and the pointy sticks of the guards.

Luckily we managed to liberate another prisoner, a half ogre named Grumblejack to assist us. Now while making our escape, two of the humans who assume are related in some way decided that they would rather not preemptively remove the remaining guards of this isolated fort to avoid news spreading too quickly. Eventually however we did find them again in the wardens room, who it turns out was a mage.

Now sadly as I stated I was only armed with a few cantrips so my options were limited beyond send in the meat shields who sadly proved that fighting a mage in his sanctum, as the prison might be called, was more than a little challenging. Luckily, some cruder methods of mine proved to be enough to save the day and with that we would now be able to leave the prison to meet our mysterious benefactor.


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