Way of the Wicked

Events thus far

adventure outline

Party was contacted by Theadora with help for escape and invitation to go to a mansion.
Meet with Cardinal Thorn
Three months of training.
Test in Thorn in dungeon with nine rooms.
Travel north to bring weapons to bugbear army under Fire-Axe. Arrive in october.
Cross to the other side of the lake to head to Balentyne.
They have one month to prepare for the bugbear army and open the gates.
Killed first of the captains, the mounted combat specialist Varning, with a patrol of 6 soldiers.
Found entrance to the keep through the hidden tunnel.
Murdered Kaitlin Mott and her lover captain Eddarly in their sleep and left evidence blaming the dwarves.
Franz Mott in his rage fell for it and killed Eisenbauch, getting himself convicted of dueling to the death and shipped off to Branderscar prison.
Intercepted the transport to Branderscar, killed 4 of the 5 guards disguised as dwarves. Also killed Franz Mott.
Made peaceful contact with a vampire and made a deal.
Found out the dwarves fell out of grace pending an investigation.
Murdered captain Barhold.
Rigged the curch to burn it during mass.
Church burned down killing around 500 including father Donnagin.
Snuck into Balentyne and killed 6 more troopers. And destroyed the rookery.
Went into Balentyne disguised as cleric of Mitra and his followers. Got to see the lantern archons.
They did some exploring of the castle.
Also spread some infamy among the citizens.
The slayer had his disguise seen through by lord Havelyn. They tried to kill him but had to run.
They decided to murder the lord in his chambers that night. However an alarm spell was trigered. They had to fight the lord, three guatds, mage Tacitus and his golem.
They were victorious but at a price. The slayer and the oracle died.
Both were returned to life by magic.

The fortress fell.



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