Way of the Wicked

Calling forth Darkness

Book two

Next assignment.
Head to Farholde, make contact with an Asmodean noble, locate the Horn of Abadon, find a way to summon the daemonlord Vetra Kali, get his most virulant plague Tears of Achlys and bring that to cardinal Thorn for use in the kingdom.

Met baron Vandermir during small diner party.
Realized the baron is not just taking them on their word.
Made a deal: take care of angient ghost in the harbor and bring him the magical artifact the druid is buried with. Then he will assit.

Also met the marquis and arquise of Wellin. They are landowners. He’s 60 years her elder and she strutgles with that. They intend to convert her to Asmodeus.

Die some research on the ghost. He is of a barbaric tribe that still exists in the Caer Bryr. Maybe he is an ancient ancestor spirit they worship. Rumour says he occasionally summons monsters from the deep.

The lord of the fortress made a deal with Mitra. He pledged his life to the god and rode off the fight the bugbears. Mitra extends his protection to Farholde and sent an astral deava to do that.

The group took on an asignment to get the trust and support of baron Vandermir. They went to an island in the middle of the bay to rid it of an old haunt. Research hinted of an ancient undead druid who sporadically sends massive monsters to attack the city. They fought one of these monsters which was over ten meter tall and apparently a zombie. Afterwards they fought the ghostly druid who looked like a spider. They looted the tomb and took its contents to the baron for proof. They also destroyed what they believe is the magical artifact that held the ghost in this world.

Before they left in search for the Horn de marquise de Wellin was visited once more. She’s very impressionable.
They found the other Knot’s room and in it a mao detailing the Horn’s location.
When they were leaving they noticed the marquis’ house was flying mourning colours. They discovered the marquise had murdered the marquis.

On route they encountered a treant who’s guarding the vicinity of the Horn. They managed to convince him they’re there to cleanse the place.
They encountered a tribe of Boggards. They recruited these as minions by having the antipaladin duel the chieftain.
They found a book with Asmodean rituals to become Deathknight, lich and bloodknight.

The group continued the clearing of the caverns. They found some old traps, a pool with poisonous fish and a cave filled up with the bones of just about anything killed in the Horn during the invasion by the Victor. But most importantly they found the body of one of the defenders of the horn. On his body the discovered a magic item: one of the eyes of the statue of vetra-Kali. This can be used to scry on the sanctum. And they found his journal. He decribes the ritual performed to banish the daemonlord, andhow to break the spell.
Later they began clearing the Horn proper. They found it all but deserted. The first floor was destroyed but serviceable. They found an alchemical golem which can be repaired, a throne which can be used to teleport to 4 locations in and around the horn, and a secret staircase. They found out this leads from the caverns to the third floor, and is the only way to get to the sanctum.

They went there and fought two guardians: two greater ceustodaemons. They are bound to chains around their neck, and if defeated will return after a month.

Now they returned to clearing the rest of the place before starting the ritual.



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